Judd Anderson

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Man-at-Arms to Lord Morgun Bloodblade Darkjester Judd Anderson, of Shrouding Mist, Kingdom of Northern Lights

”Trouble is never far behind...”


Judd Anderson joined Amtgard in April of 2013 at Angel’s Haven. He quickly established himself as a person of integrity on the field. Fighting alongside players from both Angel’s Haven and members of the nearby Northern Lights Duchy Shrouding Mist, he learned the game of Amtgard, and developed friendships that would carry him forward. Founding a Household devoted to Fairness and Service, The Anderson Clan, might be small, but show this continued mindset. Eventually, he was elected as the Last Guild Master of Reeves at Angel’s Haven shortly before that land fell.

Moving to Shrouding Mist in November of 2013, he was elected as Guild Master of Reeves at Shrouding Mist in December of 2014. In early 2015 he briefly ran for Duke of Shrouding Mist, before leaving the race due to mundane complications.

In September 2014 he accepted a Man-at-Arms belt from Lord Morgun Darkjester.

Affiliated Groups

Tribal Initiate of Tribe Phoenix of the Saracens

Belted Family

Lord Morgun Darkjester

1. Man-at-Arms Ringare Dragonclaw

2. Man-at-Arms Judd Anderson

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