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Jack of Clubs, of Souls' Crossing Emerald Hills

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The Tale of The Jack of Clubs.

In the northern desert lands of Pangea, known as The Wastes, lived a boy by the name of Jack. The Wastes was no place for a child to grow up. It was a barren land of outcasts, murderers, and thieves. His father was killed over a debt and his mother sold to slavers.Not a night went by when Jack did not have to flee from danger. He had to steal to eat. There was, however, a kind soul in The Wastes. He gave Jack a dagger to defend himself with. The boy spent weeks practising with the small blade. Still preferring to flee than use it, eventually he would have to. One evening, a drunken murderer staggered towards Jack, but with his back to the wall, Jack knew it was either kill or be killed. The drunk, thinking that it would be an easy kill, staggered carelessly towards the boy. Jack pulled his dagger from his boot and ran the knife through the man's chest. He collapsed to the ground dead. Shaking, the young boy was scarred from this encounter.

When he turned twelve, the military drafted him into their ranks. He was happy to be out of the Wastes. At least in the military, he was guaranteed a meal. After two years of training, he had been promoted to Corporal. They were promoted fast because not many soldiers survived to get anywhere in the ranks. Though young, it was not uncommon for 14 year-olds to be on the front line. He was assigned to a regiment heading for Mountain Valley, where the majority of the fighting was. During a night patrolling the border, the enemies from the south launched an attack. The attack was poorly planned and severely weak, but the patrol was unprepared. As arrows whistled by and metal swooshed around, Jack bobbed and weaved out of the way of the deadly blows. When the opportunity showed, he ran his sword though the body of the enemy. It was his first kill in battle. As the night went on, his patrol pushed out the enemy, but with heavy casualty.

Jack changed that night. He found his calling. To kill. He was filled with euphoria.

After the word got out about the night attack and how Jack had done well to push out the enemy, the Commanders assigned him to a secret squad and promoted him to Specialist. The squad had three other members and was awaiting their final member. As it just so happens, one was named John, the other, Jonathan, and the other, Jon. All four called themselves Jack from then on. The Jack of Spades was from the south, the Jack of Diamonds from the west, the Jack of Hearts from the East, and gave the new member the title of Jack of Clubs, who was from the North. The four were sent on missions across enemy lines and acquired many kills and much experience. Their names were known to the public and celebrated as heroes.

But over the years, the started to fall. First the Jack of Hearts in a mission to assassinate a political figure in an enemy country. Then the Jack of Diamonds fell during a mission to capture a spy. The Jack of Spades died of a curious ailment. Some believe it was a spell cast on him by an enemy mage. Soon enough, the squad was down to one and the entire operation shut down. But Jack noticed that some of his missions were less than honourable. He saw that the generals and political leaders of his country were corrupt. He wanted out of the game.

One can not simply leave the military though. So he asked that he be assigned back to basic patrol. The generals agreed and put him under the charge of Sgt. Clay. Sgt. Clay was an evil man. He was only a Sergeant because he was lazier than he was cruel. His patrol was no better than he was. They were all a bunch of twisted young men who stole, murdered and raped civilian women. Jack hated all of their guts. He patrolled with them for a month. He longed to be free of this life. He longed kill his Sergeant and the rest of his patrol. He searched everyday for a way and reason.

And one night he found it. He found it when his Sergeant was going to kill those kids

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