Jac'koo the Mad

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Defender of the Realm Lord Jac'koo the Mad, of Acanthus Crest, 13 Roads

”Chaos is King”

Jac'koo started in Amtgard in the early ages of the 2000's era as but a wee lad in the land of the Forsaken Lakes. Always causing chaos and havoc where he went, but typically a formidable fighter who you either loved or hated to fight. Because, "Who dual wields 5 and 6 foot great swords?" Helping fight monster and man alike was his joy. Especially when some of those monsters were greater beasts, those were peak times of contentment and fun. Alas, that was many a moons ago and long since under what is now a dead name. For after his stint amongst the ever lovable populace of Forsaken Lakes, he underwent a journey of sorts. Traveling far and wide, here and there, and even managing to traverse a few other worlds, some of werebeasts and blood suckers, others of whimsy and delightful magic, some further yet into the deepest darkest dungeons. Ultimately coming back from almost a 10 year hiatus and someone anew and ready for what may lay ahead. As one of those stops along the way just so happened to be a certain part of faewild space, Jac'koo didn't realize exactly how long he had been gone. Especially with fae time not quite syncing properly with material plane time, he thought his leave was far shorter in all honesty. From young, crazed, blood thirsty barbarian to now a slightly more tame being altered by the wilds and the magiks within, Jac'koo came to be. A being of many faces, disguises, tricks, and tales to be told. Unfortunately as he is not fae originally, but rather altered, when he does shift things tend to get a bit jumbly up in the ol' grey goop (this is how he gained "the Mad" moniker) . But he has taken these "gifts" and has been everything from a humble peasant, to a guard for nobility, to a traveling plague doctor, and now a leader of a whole troupe of entertainers with various abilities who bring wonder and excitement to the masses in various wagons of wonder and caravans of curiosity. Ever changing, ever evolving, ever watching. With a smile on his face, Jac'koo the Mad is there.

House of the Trickster