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"No, I don't sew. I make sewing machines jam with a dirty look."


Isone joined the Shire of Talon's Height in April of 2000. The group met on Fridays, then shuttled from Cheney to Spokane to participate in Stormhaven activities. Playing off and on for the last ten years, she has been a member of Talon's Height, Deep Water Gorge, Stormhaven, Mystic Seas and Obsidian Grove. After entering Rosewood's Dragonmaster (2010), she found she enjoyed the A&S side of things. In July of 2010, she entered Quals, not realizing what exactly it meant. Next thing she knew, she had qualified for kingdom office, and was suddenly running for the position of Regent. It was something of a surreal feeling, going from a relative nobody, to a kingdom officer, but she's tried to take it in stride. Isone enjoys A&S, particularly beading, and cooking and music. She also enjoys running quests.


House Amtaku

Sisters of the Spear, Mother

Clan Nightblossom, Songstress

Notable Accomplishments

Third Place in Rosewood 2010's Dragonmaster

Blackspire A&S Champion, Winter 2010-11

Blackspire A&S Champion, Summer 2011

Regent of Blackspire September 2010 - March 2011

Holding Regent of Obsidian Grove April 2011 - March 2012

Blackspire Scribe Summer Reign 2011

Blackspire Guidlmaster of Food Summer Reign 2011

Lady's Title, August, 2011

Blackspire's Guildmaster of Reeves Winter Reign 2012-13

Master Reeve, Winterbash, 2013

Queen of Blackspire March 2013-2014

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