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From the web page: The Iron Mountains University is a collegium of individuals spreading the knowledge of the Amtgard Arts & Sciences to the lands of the Iron Mountains. We are a group of experts in our own specific fields, and wish to share this expertise with the members of Amtgard who are interested, but have not yet learned the splendors of our disciplines. We cover everything from Cooking to Garbing, Armoring to Weaponsmithing, Writing to Singing, and everything else that could be covered in the Arts and Sciences of Amtgard. Our goal is to spread the word about this, the sometimes forgotten, side of Amtgard.

Iron Mountains University The Website Can be found here...

The IMU began as an idea to teach arts & sciences within the IM for free at the ease and conveinence of the students. Grendel formed the IMU with Orlando/Obie, it originally entailed classes at the park free to attend. the first class was taught by Sir Michael and Sir Cullum on persona writing, further classes were taught covering feasts for 100 taught by Sir Lief, using your voice by Sir Michael and his squire Kane of the IM (not Sir Kane), and macrame and woven belts by Sir Talisin. some classes (like chainmaille & leather working) had a small cost to cover materials. for example: in the leather class you paid $5.00 and walked away with a set of bracers you made yourself, those that paid $10.00 also got a set of leather working tools. after a year or 2 of classes Takezu became deeply involved and was the motivation and organizational force behind the IMU videos. These are a series of videos based on teaching new members about the basics of amtgard including fighting, cooking, a&s, and much more. Took place in Takezu's Basement in the Northern Holdfast in Fort Collins, CO and at the Crimson Dawn park in the IM.

A variety of teachers have taught for the IMU, right now we're looking to get a camera since Takezu has moved so that we can continue to create videos.

previous instructors include (in random order):

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