Interkingdom Rules Committee of Amtgard

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The IRCA is the Interkingdom Rules Committee for Amtgard, an organization founded by Sir Rath in an attempt to mediate differences of rules interpretations of 6.0 between kingdoms. It was founded August 8th, 2000.

Membership includes the Emerald Hills, Iron Mountains, Valley of the Silver Rains, Wetlands, Dragonspine, Rising Winds and Golden Plains.

At one point the Mystic Seas was also a member, but in a controversial althing voted to withdraw from the IRCA.

You can view the various IRCA rulings at their yahoogroups site: IRCA Yahoogroup

When 7.0 became official, by its own charter the IRCA disbanded.

Now the Amtgard Seven Expansion Group and the Circle of Monarchs work together to maintain and update the rule book and it's supplements.

Roger wrote this Song about the IRCA in it's heyday.