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Our Princess, the Regent

Arts and Sciences Officer

Regent; the meaning of the word.

from the Latin, a person selected to administer a state because the ruler is a minor or is not present or debilitated. Thus, the common use is for an acting deputy governor. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term as "A person appointed to administer a State because the monarch is a minor, is absent or is incapacitated."

In a monarchy, a regent usually governs due to the actual monarch's absence, incapacity or minority, and may also be elected to rule during the sede vacante when the royal line has died out. This was the case in Finland and Hungary, where the royal line was considered extinct in the aftermath of World War I. In Iceland, the regent represented the King of Denmark as sovereign of Iceland until the country became a republic in 1944.

In San Marino, an ancient independent miniature republic surrounded within Italy, the Captains Regent, or Capitani Reggenti, are two officials elected annually as joint heads of state and of government.

In the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569–1795), kings were elective, which often led to a fairly long interregnum. In the interim, it was the Polish Roman Catholic Primate who served as the regent, termed the "interrex" (Latin: ruler "between kings," as in ancient Rome).

Currently there are 2 ruling Regencies in the world, one in Liechtenstein and the other in the Malaysian state of Terengganu

Regents in Amtgard

Proper forms of address

A regent is almost always referred to as Prince or Princess. The Proper honorific for Regent is 'HRH' or 'His Royal Highness'. Put that all together and you get Example: '"His Royal Highness, Prince Sir Zachry Ironwolf of the Wetlands."' or '"Her Royal Highness , Princess Kizmit of the Rising Winds"'

Originally in early days of the Burning Lands this office was the Consort, but it was later it was popularly changed to Regent although Consort is still the preferred terms in some kingdoms, including the Iron Mountains


A regent is an elected amtgardian that runs the Arts and Sciences parts of amtgard for their kingdom for their reign. Dragonmaster, Crown Quals, classes, Collegium are handled by the regent.

Excerpt from the Corpora

The following is from the Burning Lands Corpora 5th Edition. Please check your kingdom's corpora for specific rules.

  • 1.21 Every Monarch must have a Princess/Prince Consort/Regent.
  • 1.22 May bestow the following orders: Dragon, Garber, Lion, Owl, Rose, Smith.
  • 1.23 Is not required to pay any dues during his/her term.
  • 1.24 Head and be responsible for the Colleges of Arts and Sciences.
  • 1.25 May create new honors and awards in keeping with her/his duties that do not conflict/compete with the established ladder awards. (per current Award Standards)
  • 1.26 Is responsible for the outgoing Crown Coronation feast.
  • 1.27 May receive the title of Countess/Count after her/his term is over.
  • 1.28 Shall not miss six weeks in a row or more than twelve weeks total else a new Consort/Regent must be chosen.
  • 1.2A Only those who qualify at Crown Qualifications may try for Regent.
  • 1.2B The Regent must be at least 18 years of age.
  • 1.2C Must pass a reeve’s test with a minimum score of 75%.
  • 1.2D Must be dues paid.

The First Regents of all the kingdoms