Hemo Liadon

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Hemo Liadon the Elven Wizard Slash Survivalist, of Ominous Valley, a Freehold of the Burning Lands

”ok yes i'm small but has it ever come to light in that brutish head of yours that magic can do ridiculous stuff if i wanted to be strong i would just go poof and be massive”


Hi my name is Hemo Liadon, i am an elven wizard, i also know stuff about survival when you spend... 60 or so years in the woods... uh i looked 6 when i went into the woods and came out looking 15 either way i started my life at the age of 0, of course! grew up with a great family my father was a warrior captain and my mother was one of the towns healers my father was killed in a raid against are town and my mother tried to sacerfice me to a demon "she turned out to not really be a good healer" and fearing the worse i ran for a month in the woods stopping only for essentals i died twice on that journey lucky for me i'm one of the many immortals in this world i nearly went through the void mist many times actually saw a cottage get created once ... uh rambles i'm sorry either way the woods taught me nature magic which using the knowledge from the elven elders i created arcane magic out of nature i then stumbled apon a recently created shire which i uh... stalked and watched for uh months until i packed up my things and moved there joining there community they taught me stuff and i taught them other stuff, great fun really but sadly i'm bored of this conversation i got stuff to do :) bye


ominous valley freeholds of amtgard dassedec galadriel

Notable Accomplishments

created two quests, self proclaimed rules master, came in second place in a none official tournament, had fun, got hit, hit people, cast spells, CAST HEAL, brought alternate dimension Hemo Liadon to this dimension, wrote this page,

More Information

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