Great newbie explosion of Mordengaard

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”A Newb! Can I pet it?”


An extremely large influx of newbies came to Mordengaard within the span of a few months during the Summer of 2001. It is generally accepted at anyone who first started playing in Mordengaard from Summer of 2000 - Summer of 2001 is among this particular set of Amtgardians.

Mordengaard had long since been an established province by this point, and this set of newbies were generally afraid of being beaten in every single fight by Amtgardians with many years of experience decided to form their own Amtgard Province called Brokenrock that met on Saturdays as opposed to Sundays at the same park and time as Mordengaard. Eventually the then Duke of Mordengaard, Stoner, found that there was a large group of newbies playing on Saturdays, and coerced them into joining Mordengaard.

Many of these newbies joined together to form Seekers of the Abyss, a fighting company local to Mordengaard.


Fellwin, Harold, Romnar Sylswift, Kessalin, Kotc Gen (Later known as Tek Nighteyes), Daja, Lucien Kheldarn, Oscar diChiclidi, Twig 'eadsmasha, Haggar, Boglin, Kael Silverbolt, Malachi of Mordengaard, Chaz, Neville