Frost's Grim

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A defunct freehold chapter, located in Camas Washington



A wizard by the name of Wyell went on a journey to find new magic. He headed to the top of a mountain but along the way he was attacked by a large viking. they fought for several hours magic against steel but finally the viking fell to a knee. Wyell explained to him that he had felt a magical presence at the top of the mountain that might threaten the viking's people. The man stood up towering above the wizard and explained he was the leader of a village of vikings and they had felt it too. His name was Martigann. They traveled to the top of the mountain with the vikings faithful servants Nickademus and Richard. They finally made it to the top and hid behind a rock to see a powerful dragon laying asleep. They spoke about how to deal with the source of the magic they had found .... but as they did a loud roar met their ears. The dragon had awoken. They stood to fight Wyell casting powerful spells to keep the dragon at bay as the vikings toar him limb from limb. as the dragon was defeated the party headed back to the village as Martigann explained the name was frost grim and Wyell took down his hood to show the party that he was not only a wizard but also a great goblin king. They lived in harmony for some time, defeating evils as they came.

The last meeting for Frost's Grim was held in August of 2012.


Contacts and Directions

Frost's Grim used to play Sundays at fisher basin park. This chapter is now defunct.