Finley Fortess

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Marquis Ser Finley Fortess, The Relentless of Terra De Votum, Kingdom of the Desert Winds


”The Old Code
A knight is sworn to valor,
Her heart knows only virtue,
Her blade defends the helpless,
Her might upholds the weak,
Her word speaks only truth,
Her wrath undoes the wicked.”



Finley started playing Amtgard in Terra De Votum in May of 2017. While fighting has always been her main focus, leadership and garbing came easy to her, and she quickly excelled in both holding local office and making tunics, belt favors and hoods for everyone. Ser Finley was elevated to Knight of the Serpent at Crossroads 2023, which she also Autocratted. She then took on the mantle of Queen of the Desert Winds in December of 23 with a Record of Ragnorak-themed reign.

In Character Backstory

Affiliated Groups

  • Founder of The House of the Wayward Wyvern
  • Member of the Black Lions Fighting Company
  • Founder of HBIC Household

Belted Family

Positions Held

  • 2018 TDV Food Fight Co-rep
  • 2018 Summer Reign Regent
  • 2019 Olympiad Fundraising Coordinator for Desert Winds
  • 2019 Desert Winds Food Fight Rep
  • 2019 Summer Reign Regent
  • 2019 Crossroads Co-Warocrat
  • 2019-2020 Winter Reign Duchess
  • 2020 Duchy Food Fight co-Rep
  • 2021-2023 AIBOD Representative
  • 2020-2021 - Duchy GMR
  • 2022 Amtgard International Food Fight Committee
  • 2022 TDV's Food Fight Rep
  • 2022 - Crossroads Feast o Crat
  • 2023 -Duchy Regent
  • 2023 - Crossroads Autocrat
  • 2023-2024 Desert Winds Queen

Notable Accomplishements

    • Introduced the practice of giving Hoods to those who gained Masterhoods to Desert Winds (stolen from other kingdoms)
    • Awarded Master Garber by Sir Lucas_IV in December 2022
    • Elevated to Serpent Knight with permission of Sir Rocky, by Sir Raunik at Crossroads (November) 2023

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