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-My favorite Mewnarch ~Yllarius~

Fariel Zenetois, Pro-tem Monarch of Autumn Grove a Barony of Rising Winds

My wisdom gets in the way.
On day at kingdom, a guy rushed me with his dual longs.
"What class are you!?" he yells.
"I.. am a mighty wizard!" I shouted back, bow drawn and green sash clearly visible.
He turned and ran, saying "Oh fuck that."
Myself, the reeve, and everyone around me face-palmed.


Fariel was brought to Amtgard, at the same time as Azrael Satio, by Yllarius Croceous in October 2010 to join the at-the-time shire of Autumn Grove.

Character Stats

Name: Fariel Zenetois

Age: 19

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 220

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue/Green

Character History

Fariel hails from the forgotten land of Avaron. There, he lived in a small community among friends who worked together. One day, he grew tired of living this hard life and decided to venture to the nearby shire of Autumn Grove. There, he was welcomed warmly and has stayed to this day. One day, though, he desires to return to Avaron, and raise it from the ashes of its former glory.

As far as combat goes, Fariel is a neutral fighter. He won't hesitate to stab someone in the back if it means victory for his team. This does not mean he fights dirty. He simply believes everyone should practice battlefield awareness. However, as a scout, he takes pride in his ability to sneak behind lines. When necessary, he can lead, and usually fights in the company of his friends of Avaron.

A chapter from Fariel's Journal

As the sun set to the west of the path to Autumn Grove, MC and I decided to make camp. Just off the path a little bit, but still close enough to be noticed, I strategically set my tent and fire. This way, I would know if anyone travelled the path, and be on them before they knew I was there. After a short time, I heard the steps of someone down the path. I nocked an arrow and readied for ambush. As the man approached, I stepped out and asked him to state his name and business.
"Azrael Satio, and I have none." He stated calmly.
"No business? Then what brings you through here?" I asked.
Azrael explained to me how he had heard rumors of a town named Avaron and ventured there, only to find it deserted. I invited him to sit, where they soon became friends. Together, they ventured off to Autumn Grove.

Affiliated Groups

Peregrine Guard - Powder Monkey aboard the PGS Arcadia

Notable Accomplishments

Gained a level twice. Camped with Soram the Elder until 5 in the morning.

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On the right, with the star, looking retarded with my mouth open.

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