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”Whenever you see Bambie in a suit I only have two words to say, Dat Ass”


Upon a full moon many years ago Mana Blackthorne was doing her best for a second child to call her own, but since her first child, Nicholas Blackthorne, she had learned her children would bear no magical talent like she so desired. It was then that she thought of another plan, she were to find a small, young apple tree to which she would sing a young dryad out. After spending hours placing the proper enchantments she hand sung for 3 hours before Faline, the young spirit of the tree took material shape as she had slowly grew out of the tree. Faline is a dryad by birth with powerful intuition and ambition to learn magic and how to use it for wellness. She had decided to grow, learn, and travel with Mana Blackthorne whom adopted her as her own and gave her the surname Blackthorne. It wasn't until years later till she met Bambie that she had learned her real name. Since then Faline has been traveling to the few events Mana Blackthorne hosted, Blackthrone revel and Gathering. With her older brother Nicholas Blackthrone and her mother Mana Blackthrone by her side only adventures and opportunities to learn and grow she would come across. Although after Nicholas had turned 16 he was presented the choice to continue travelling or to settle down so he may pursue his own interests in life.

After Faline had come to the age where she began taking an interest into boys, she had met the joyful and comforting company of a young boy, Bambie. Faline welcomed Bambie to visit and walk among a field of tall grass she feels the most spiritual connection. It was there they spent three nights experiencing each others company as they exchanged their history to one another without fear of judgement. They grew to like the opposite but both being so young couldn't voice the feelings they shared. The end of gathering was coming to a close and they had to take separate paths until the time was right for them to meet once more.

A year flew by and Faline's mother couldn't bear to take her caravan to the upcomming event Tortuga. Faline wanted to continue her travels to experience the life and nature the new event may bring to her and as the days grew closer a good friend offered voyage on her families vessel. The Bloody Compass gave her some room in the barracks and fed her well on their voyage to Tortuga she enjoyed her time spent at Tortuga but the lands it was held at were as opposite as could be compared to her home and grove she was raised at. The nature of the lands upset Faline greatly preventing her from having the enjoyable time others experienced that weekend. Since then though Faline has made a good impression among those of The Bloody Compass and is treated almost like an honorary household member.

A few months later Faline's spiritual connection with the forest was tampered with by a higher power. Mana Blackthorne did the best she could to maintain Faline's spiritual conection with the forest and after having to dabble into a bit of black magic she had placed an enchantment upon Faline's body. The enchantment acts as a bridge between Faline's spirit and the spirit of the forest but at a cost, Faline could never merge and move throughout the forest like any other Dryad would. To maintain the the enchantment that acts as a bridge either Faline, or someone she trusts must place a hand upon her exert their own energy into maintaining the enchantment, this maintenance must receive attention between four to seven times a day. It takes little time to pay the upkeep of the enchantment but at times the enchantment becomes highly unstable requires immediate attention. If left alone for too long or the proper amount of energy isn't exerted at each session the enchantment can become toxic to Faline and may end her spiritual connection to the forest, ending her life.

Another year a flown by and Faline had heard rumors of another event she wished to partake. She spoke with those of the Bloody Compass and was welcomed aboard without a doubt. She traveled once more to a new event in a dry land, Seadogs. During the event, Faline and her friend traveled around but noticed a guy who traveled around and gave off an energy similar to Bambie's but Faline had felt a second, much subtle enerrgy that came from the guy. It felt cold and evil, yet it almost nearly blends in with the main energy. After waiting a day or two the guy confronted Faline as he was intrigued by her identity. After a minute of eye contact they embraced each other for they were whom they thought they were. Bambie had come back and Faline couldn't of been happier, the rest of the day the days that had followed they caught up with the times and everything that has happened since they last met. Bambie even shared what had happened that night the Leviathan had sealed his energy and entity into him and why it was tryig to stir trouble within him for the duration of Seadogs. As the last day came to a close Faline started Dating Bambie and promised they would stay in touch and stay close this time around.

As the year went by Faline had taught Bambie everything about her own enchantment that keeps her alive and Bambie had introduced Faline into many of his circle of friends and amongst one the circles was the Black Hand (Company). As she spent much time learning about those in the end Bambie as the Lieutenant at the time brought Faline along on his voyage to Seadogs. At the event Bambie Dedicated his time to taking care of the camp and Faline helped as much as she could and thought was right. Together they had entered into the Fight for Your Love Tournament and Bambie had fought hard even took down his own captain, Blapticus, to place first for Faline. This earned Bambie the title, Defender of Love and they now share a shield together that is bound to their relationship. After the event had ended, August had made it's round and a ceremony was held by the Black Hands to give Faline the honor of becoming a heart to the Black Hand for her demonstration of care and work she served for the Black hand at Seadogs such as helping Bambie start morning fires, waking the crew up, getting coffee ready and helping both Bambie and Draugr plan meals and distribute chores among the crew. Soon after Faline had become a Hear of the Black Hand she had accepted Draugr Virduligr's offer to be his page and to be mentored in herbalism, magic, and other philosophical lessons.

Time Line

Affiliated Groups

  • House Nemesis
  • The Blackthorne Clan
  • The Northshadow Clan
  • The Bloody Compass

Notable Accomplishments

Tournament Placements

  • Won first as the champion and love, Bambie De Leviathan fought for at the Fight for Your Love tournament. Winning a shield she shares with Bambie.

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