Fixed Enchantment

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From the Rulebook (V7) section Amtgard Magic (V7)

Fixed Enchanments are

A magic cast on an area of ground that persists until used up, the caster leaves a 100 foot radius around the enchantment, it is removed by the appropriate magic, or the caster dies. These do not prohibit the caster from carrying a normal enchantment.

  • a Fixed enchantments are considered to extend upwards to the sky for game purposes. Even flying creatures are impeded by them.
  • b Fixed enchantments, unless otherwise noted in the magic’s description, may never be pre-placed before casting.
  • c Reeves, if requested, may assist in the placing of a magic-user’s markers for a fixed enchantment.

Rules of Fixed Enchantments

  • a. Disappear (never to return) when their caster dies or travels farther than 100 feet from them.
  • b. Are considered to be on the area of ground and do not dissipate when other magic is cast.
  • c. A player may only have a single fixed enchantment active at a time. Casting a fixed enchantment while another fixed enchantment from the same player is already active causes both enchantments to be negated.

Listing of Fixed Enchantments