Ezekiel Drawde

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Ezekiel Drawde
Home Park Hel's Gate
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Year Started 2007
Noble Title Esquire
Belt Status none

Ezekiel Drawde Esquire, Master Scout, of Hel's Gate, Crystal Groves



Ezekiel (in black) with fellow Ravens, Sir Darva and Kenshin Ozban

Actual History

Ezekiel joined up with Amtgard back in 2007. He has been a member of the Spartans of the Rhye almost since its inception. He is a staple of Virginia Amtgard. Regularly holding office and always willing to teach a new guy.

Affiliated Groups

Notable accomplishments

  • Helped the Spartans take over Harbour of Rhye
  • Second Champion of Harbour of Rhye
  • First Regent of Harbour of Rhye
  • Second Regent of Gargoyle's Gate
  • Granted Esquire title by King Zamorak
  • Granted Master Scout by King Reid

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