Elysian Fields

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A defunct Freehold chapter located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.




The Elysian Fields was Formed on January 8th, 2012 by The Gypsy Monarch Emilian Morket with the help of Pixie and Nikita Moon. After inner turmoil And stress caused the group to break up Devoted Members reunited and revived the group in the year of our lord 2013 in the month of April on the 23rd Day. The group went defunct in August 2014.



Monarch: Emilian Morket
Regent: Vanderhaal MacBouldershoulders
Prime Minister: Pixie Moon
Champion: N/A
Guard: The Black Hand
Court Jester: Wolfer Silverheart

Houses & Companies

House of The Eternal Dagger
House of The Moon
House of Borbounia
The Black Hand

Contacts and Directions

We meet 2 o'clock every sunday at Basil Griffin park unless the park is flooded then me will be meeting at Sparo Kereiakes.

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