Druce Naal

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Druce Naal Silverwood, of Skystone


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Druce faces off against Talaisan during a jugging match.


Joined Amtgard in November 2008 after an invite from Talaisan. Became a constant member of the group even through the winter when very few people would show up. Took second place in the champion tournament in March 09 but the Monarh was first so he was declared champion.

Served as champion March through mid June 09 until conflicts with work severely limited his time with the park and Demrik Lilybane took over as Champion pro-tem until coronation in August.

Followed his usual stride and took second place in the August champion tournament (thanks to Cherokee breaking his flow) but since Demrik was the new Regent Druce once again found himself champion of Skystone. Served as regent until mid November 2010 until work conflicted with his Amtgard time (again), Skittles the Goblin took his place as regent pro-tem until coronation in March.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Champion of Skystone x2: March to June 09, August to November 10

More Information

  • Contact via email or via phone (406) 749-0644.

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