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Domus Octavii

”Loyalty, Family, Home.”

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Biography of Group

Domus Octavii (translates to Household of Octavius) was formed in the winter of 2002 at the time of Saint Uriel's knighting. The household was formed to continue the legacy of values and knighthood Uriel had learned from Dame Kaia and refined over their time in the club.

The household is founded on the basis of Loyalty, Family, and Home. It was founded to extend the help and tutelage of the entire family and create a sense of family and home at all functions the group is at (be it Amtgard or otherwise). Domus Octavii serves to create and foster an atmosphere of growth, mentoring, and loyalty in the entire family and extended knightly family line.

The household was formed when Saint Uriel was knighted in 2002. Wanting their lineage to share a common name, they created a household to be occupied by their knightly family and eventually, their families.

The pater familias (head of the household) is the eldest (as determined by knighting date) active knight in Uriel's belted line. The matriarch is always Dame Kaia, who while not a member of the house proper is still welcomed and seen as a mentor by all those within it.

In 2008, when Don Gameface was knighted the household stretched to include his knightly family. As others get knighted, the family will grow to accommodate them as well. It was also decided the household would encompass all significant others and children of it's members (provided their fealty to another knight doesn't prohibit such).

In 2018 Sir Kalzar was elevated to status of knighthood, thus extending the family to contain all who are and will be belted to him.

Belt Stuff

There are a series of rules that Domus Octavii have agreed to follow in regards to the taking of Squires and Man-at-Arms. These rules were developed to help foster the legacy of the ideals the family stands for. But following these rules we can assure those who have people in fealty under them are best prepared in their roles as mentors.

1. We do not belt people on our noble titles. All those belted to us will be in a chivalric manner and a full part of the family. This serves to make sure everyone is getting the full wealth of what it means to be part of Domus Octavii.
2. Apprentices, taken on a person’s paragon, are non-noble and may freely be taken. These apprentices are not part of Domus Octavii. This is due to their very specific purpose and usually short time frames.
3. In order for any squire to take a man-at-arms a few conditions must be met:

  • The squire must have obtained at least a 6th level ladder order in a field, 2 kingdom level crown points with excellence (which should result in at least a Baron title), or 4 duchy level crown points with excellence. The reason for this is that you are taking on a student, as such you should be able to show at least a journeyman level of knowledge in a field.
  • The squire must have permission from their direct knight to take a man-at-arms. It is the knight's job to monitor the progress of their squires and make sure they are ready for the responsibility of having someone belted to them.

4. Prior to taking a new squire, the knight will consult with their existing squires. While squires do not hold veto power, it is important we trust in the observations of our family to make sure that harmony is maintained.
5. A man-at-arms generally does not take a page in this extended family. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis when presented not only to their squire but also their knight.
6. If you need to step away from the game for a while, know that your belt will be waiting for you when you return. You may remain active with our chat and out of game activities even while absent from Amtgard.

Affiliated Groups

Prior to their knighting Uriel was squired to Dama Kaia Kym-Nak-Mar.

Retired Squires

While unbelted much of their time prior to knighthood, Uriel spent their final year as a squired to Dame Kaia. Kaia would help fine tune and prepare Uriel to be a knight.

While not part of Domus Octavii, the extended knight family household, Kaia still holds a place of reverence from Uriel and all who were begot from their belt.


Uriel - Pater Familias

Notable Accomplishments

  • Numerous donated feasts and services at events.

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