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Baronet MaA Diermuid, of Centerpoint, Rivermoor

”I think I owe you a dickstab”
”Keep it safe, keep it fun”



Began playing in Darkmoon, IM. Eventually moved to Kansas City where, in 2007 he hooked up with the fledgling Freehold of Centerpoint

Affiliated Groups

Two of eleven personas were associated with the Church of Genetic Purity. (The second iteration started by Sir Bolt, not the original initiated by Father Thomas

Belted Family

MaA to Zumat in the late 90's. Unsure of that relationship since his return since Z is an email sloughing ho.

Notable Accomplishments

Dick-stabbed one of the Wondertwins over a dozen times in one game day.
Champion of Centerpoint November 2007 - May 2008
Chancellor Pro-Tem of Centerpoint - April,May 2008 until March 2009

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