Der Viertelmeister

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Der Viertelmeister, of Thor's Refuge in the Kingdom of Dragonspine

"My character is a claustrophobic Soviet Pirate Robot." - Der Viertelmeister

"I don't think I have ever clubbed more baby seals." - Der Viertelmeister

"It's DV DV. Double Vaginal, Double Viertelmeister." - Grix


Not reeving very well.


DV exerting his dominance


Der Viertelmeister, or DV to those who are incapable of pronouncing his name, began his Amtgard career early 2009. He was introduced to it by Collin the Red, who is a member of his original group, the Pirates of Sacramento. He is also part robot, with titanium spinal components and laser goggle vision. DV has a lot of garb for a noob.

Affiliated Groups

Member of Clan MacAbee

Supposed to be a member of House Greenforge too, but Grimbold has no job and is too poor for fabric.

Pirates of Sacramento

Notable Achievements

Most terrible GMR of Thor's Refuge 2009-2010

Other Stuff

Doesn't like hippies

Speaks German occasionally