Bitter Coast

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Amtgard Chapter
Bitter coast symbol.jpg
Bitter Coast
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Status Barony
City Catonsville, MD
Park CCBC Multi-Use Field
Meets on
Founded 2005
Active Inactive
Website Facebook

The Legend of the Barony of the Bitter Coast tells of the great red dragon Shelafi forming a lake as it fell from the sky. Notable landmarks of the Bitter Coast include the Sea Wall, built by the Sea King, Gravel Mountain, tended by gravel farmers and the Salty Shore, inhabited by the dry land goblins tribes. It is also home to the Inland Island Sunfish, an endangered and truly magnificent species.


The Barony of The Bitter Coast was founded in 2005. The Bitter Coast spent its first 10 years under the banner of the Kingdom of Goldenvale. In October 2015, the Kingdom of Crystal Groves voted to admit The Bitter Coast into the kingdom. In March 2020, after several difficult years of dwindling membership and tired officers, the chapter populace voted to close the Bitter Coast indefinitely.


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