Cena’s Guide for New Players

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Created in May of 2017, Cena's Guide for New Player's was made as an introduction to the basics of Amtgard and Class abilities to new players. Cena believed that a basic description of combat at their first park day and handing them the full rule-book can be a bit intimidating. This guide is meant to be a stepping stone to slowly introduce the more complicated aspect's of Amtgard.

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  • This version of the guide was designed for the Kingdom of Polaris. If you are interested in having the guide modified for circulation in your Kingdom, please contact Cena on Crimson Circle's Facebook page.



  • v1 - Created for V8
  • v1.1 - Updated due to missing Broton's Bard Spell List
  • v1.2 - Updated to include when to state abilities such as Armor Breaking as well as adding a section about not lying when asked about current state such as current team or enchantments.

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