Blackie Lawless

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Blackie Lawless, of Truevale, Desert Winds

”Hey, it's Blackie. I'm guaranteed to hear something inappropriate.” --Ceowulf

”There should be an award for getting through an event without seeing your balls.” --Jynx Black


”You guys take that flank, I'm going to go into Sanctuary and play duck, duck, death.”


Blackie was introduced to Amtgard after reuniting with longtime friend Jynx Black on a double date with Jynx, his then-girlfriend Kat and Kat's college roomate. He was a founding member of Truevale and served as its Reagent (in a capacity as unnofficial as the park's status at that time) for its first year of existence, as well as serving as its founding Reagent for two terms. He has also served as Truevale's Guildmaster of Warriors, Guildmaster of Monks and Champion as well as serving a third term as Reagent before taking some time away from the game from late 2007 to 2010.

Blackie is known for his vulgar humor, his love of alcohol, his heraldry designs, his bardic skills and his propensity to suffer freakish injuries in and out of Amtgard. He is a master of the Lotus Kiss, a frequent herald, and can deploy his testicles for public view at a moment's notice. He is deathly afraid of the Cursed Axe and will leave any city in which it is deployed for 24 hours until the demon goes back into hiding. He aspires to be Amtgard's first Knight of the Keg.

Wrote the song: Bring your Loptr to the Slaughter

List of Freakish Injuries

  • Broke nearly every bone in his left hand (football collision in high school)
  • Torn Calf Muscle (Chasing Rachel Hollyrose with an axe at an amtgard event)
  • Torn Abdominals (Bamboo polearm shot)
  • Broken nose (Cursed Axe)
  • Grade 2 Concussion (Cursed Axe)
  • Broken fingers (Cursed Axe)
  • High Ankle Sprain (Carrying Cursed Axe down stairs)
  • Lower Back Strain (Fell off a ladder and bounced off a snow blower)
  • Dislocated meta tarsal (Dropped toolbox)
  • Deep laceration to the forehead, requiring 9 stitches (Tried to crush a beer bottle against his head)
  • Lacerated Scrotum (Amtgard related, don't ask)