Jynx Black

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Baronet, Jynx Black, of Truevale, Desert Winds

”Gee, the weather sure is nice today.” --Jynx Black, invariably a snowstorm follows.



Jynx was introduced to Amtgard by Yamish McCrotch in the now Shire of FalDare in the fall of 2002. After returning home to Wyoming he gathered all the friends he could find and started swinging foam. Soon after the Shire Truevale was born. Though out that time Jynx has gained an immense pool of friends and family though this game. Serving many terms as Sheriff and Regent for the park on many occasions Jynx has also been a constant flurb. First day of Amtgard was as a Wizard, to this day he will always be a wizard. Obtained master wizard from King Matthias and weirs the title proudly.

Currently Jynx Black attends Amtgard on an occasional basis, due to back injury and work schedule.

Affiliated Groups

Dragon Blade Mercenaries

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Baronet - Given by Prince Fitz, 5/ 2008
Lord - Given by Sheriff Lucifer Richardson, 9/2004
Master Wizard - Given by King Matthias O'Lachon, August 2008

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