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The Barony of Barad-dur

A Defunct Park under the RW located in Warrensburg, MO.



According to the ORK this chapter is currently Defunct.

Originally formed around 2000, this chapter has died off and been revived many times; this most recent time by Shadus, Harkael, and Dreanna as a student organization under UCM. The chapter enjoys many benefits as a student organization such as indoor facilities during the winter and very public out door grounds otherwise. We have obtained free funding and facilities for hosting events, making equipment and traveling to regional events hosted by other groups. Most importantly we had our own regional cable TV show that was played several times a day. Because of the show we grew exponentially last year!
If only we'd could get current members to keep making the show...
Cough! Hint! Huge Freaking Hint Here! Wheeezzzeee, sniffle.


Home of Battle Week and Unit Wars


Founded By: Shadus

Our Current Monarch: Merc

Our Current Regent: Rin

Our Current Prime Minister: Zan

Our Current Champion: Shadus

Members past and present: Shadus, Zan, Merc, Rin, Blitz, Chronos, Mym, Zane, Kriggud, Arwen, Inferno Cloud, Alora, Roan, Stilleto, Jotaro, Jkor, Blind, Hobbit, Fozzy, Kye, Harkael, Galadriel, Midget, Jackyl, Shatter, James, Vladamir, Kobolt, Lightning, Grill Guy, Dreanna, Card, Blue Ninja, Daemen, Kurai, Dorthy, Kia, Madik, Necradian, Neria, Proeliator, Takari, The Squirrel, Vargur, Violen, Wanglo, Vast, Allanna, Titus, Rage, Sword Breaker, Damion, Baelin, Spider Wolf, Razor, Pierce, Anouk, Nolan, Yamikuro, Bedevere, Daath, Canes, Xon, etc...

Fighting Units:

Directions and times

Sheriff: Harkael (660) 543-8255 Xt: 1121

Prime Minister: Anouk Ogdyn 660-864-6659

Currently we meet every Tuesday (changing to Thursdays this summer (mid-May) for the next year) at about 5pm either outside at the Friendship Tower on the UCM campus; or if the weather is bad, inside the Marrow Gym (the one with the padded floor).
Come and visit us anytime! Let us know you are coming on our boards.

Also a University of Central Missouri Club named the UMC Battle Club