Ass Assen Nate

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Man at Arms Ass Assen Nate, of Centerpoint, Empire of Rivermoor

”Seeker of Butts”

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Joined Amtgard in Spring of 2016, has become a perennial favorite person to be around at his home park of Centerpoint. Ass assen's name is the source of many giggles. A talented player, has a knack for the assassin class that is his namesake. Initially paged, to Squire Tenebrus, elevated to Man at Arms at CP midreign in 2018.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

•Grand Duke Lauxus Stormtide

    ▪Man at Arms  Draco
    ▪Man at Arms Magni
    ▪Man at Arms Gallios
    ▪Person at Arms Bloo
         -Page Meat Grinder
    ▪Man at Arms Ass Assen Nate

Notable Accomplishments

Part of the Army of Saviourpoint that has so valiantly held the lines at the various KWW events.

Additional Images

He's an assassin... be grateful there's even one picture here.

More Information

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