Armor Points (V7)

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Armor Points

Determining Armor (V7) points

Here are some quick tables to help you determine the point values for a piece of armor. For more information check the Rating Armor (V7) Section of the 7.2 Rulebook (V7). <?plugin OldStyleTable caption="Armor point table" border|=2 |^# |^Base Armor |^ Point Value |1 |Padded Cloth (V7) |1 |2 |Quilted Cloth (V7) |1 |3 |Light Leather (V7) |1 |4 |Heavy Leather (V7) |2 |5 |European Chainmail (V7)|3 |6 |Augmented Chainmail (V7)|4 |7 |Riveted Chainmail (V7)|4 |8 |Brigandine (V7)|5 |9 |Double Mail (V7)|5 |10 |Lamellar (V7)|5 |11 |Plate Mail (V7)|6?>

These materials can be added to increase non-metallic armor values:

<?plugin OldStyleTable caption="Increase in value" border|=2 |^Extra |^ Point Value |Cuir bouilli (V7)|+1 |Studs (V7) |+1 |Rings (V7) |+1 |Scales (V7) |+2?>

<|?plugin OldStyleTable caption="Construction additions and subtractions" border|=2 |^Consruction |^ Point Value |Non-authentic materials |-1 |Poor workmanship |-1 |Shoddy |-1 |artificial appearance |-1 |Heavy gauge material|+1 |Superior Construction|+1?>

Things to remember

  • To increase the value of any form of Chainmail (V7) you can wear a full padded gambeson or arming coat +1.
  • No Armor can receive more than a two points in either direction on this scale; and no armor's point can exceed it's wearers class limit even if it deserves it!