Alicia Wulff MorFuTt

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Woman-At-Arms Baronet Alicia Wulff MorFuTt, of Iron Hold, Desert Winds


Alicia started in summer of 2004, through some friends. She was always very interested in the arts and specifically garb making.

After a car accident in Dec 2012 which caused severe damage to her wrists she gave up most of her crafting and instead start focusing on helping to teach others and with the growth and development of her local park.

Belted Family

Woman-At-Arms to Squire Petra

Notable Accomplishments

She was ducal regent from Feb - Aug 2006. Later she became Sheriff of Iron Hold and helped bring up to Barony within the Desert Winds, serving as monarch from Oct 2012 - Feb 2014.

Lady: Given by Duke Sev Sunfury, September 2006

Baronet: Given by Queen Sunflower, May 2013

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