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Squire Arlen "Akumatron" Von Paintenstein of Traitors Gate, Celestial Kingdom

"Where is your Wunjo now?"

"This sounds like some paladin type shit to me." Arlen during Thad's game rules breakdown 11/20/2022

"No rest. No mercy. No matter what."

"There is only one way to see, and that is through the knowledge of one's own eyes" - Rogal Dorn

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

"The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see" -Alexandra K Trenfor

“Ten spears go to battle," he whispered, "and nine shatter. Did the war forge the one that remained? No, Amaran. All the war did was identify the spear that would not break.” ― Brandon Sanderson, Oathbringer


Persona stuff:

A man far from home. Thrown from space. Out of time. Arlen “Akumatron” Paintenstein remembers strange dark times of heated war, disease, and pestilence. Demons and horrific monsters are common place and zealots run amok looking for the tainted as they go.

His own account: “We were traveling with in our warship when a great tear in the fabric of space and time opened up. We were powerless as our navigators minds were over powered by the forces with in. Their minds were flayed as their bodies were twisted in to horrible monsters that brought forth blood and carnage upon our decks. We had no choice but to fight off our own brothers as they were corrupted. Many died at my own hands. Before we knew it we were entering the tear in space, like a great eye. The very soul of everything was before us. Many more of my brothers went insane at was seen within. Some burst into flames while others became grotesque beasts. Ripping and tearing their claws and teeth in to one another. Brother fought brother, until... I was all that was left breathing.”

Wandering from foreign shores he came to Three Rivers. The land reformed to Dark Shores under his help. For a time the Black Legion, Arclight, and Omerta enjoyed a great Renaissance of technology and science. After some time he secluded himself with a few other close friends and family to enjoy a simple life of mundania. Far from the prying ears, and eyes of those... monsters.

It is these eyes that has brought him to far away lands. To the heat and vast country side of the Celestial Kingdom. But also, the heat.

Akuma started playing in Dark Shores in the summer of 2008, but practiced and made his first stick with the then inactive Gabrielwhen they were still in high school. Being as he only knew how to make swords, at that time, Akuma fought primarily with short and long swords Florentine entirely that summer. Upon his return the following year, in the summer of 2009, Akuma has become a well rounded fighter; winning Dark Shores 5th reign Weapon Master Tourney, and has delved heavily into the arts and sciences.

Akuma moved down to San Antonio Texas in the early months of 2020 where he secluded himself during quarantine and enjoyed the online sessions with Traitors Gate on the facebook group until things were lifted. In September of 2021 Akuma emerged and joined in the first meeting of the members of his new lands gaining their trust and respect through sharing and learning each others cultures in the Arts and Sciences and reveling in talks of history long and forgotten. He renamed himself Arlen Paintenstein, after his own business ventures and his oath to his friends and family to work on bettering himself and those around him in areas that he can. To maintain this oath he swore servitude to Saint Uriel, the patron saint of the Arts and Sciences. He was made squire to Sir Griftorr Von Doom and in so doing took on the name of Von Doom. Together the two made plans to help those around them and to better the experience of those playing. Arlen has started playing as Paladin and again started playing healer to help maintain his position to be a driving force even in battle games as often as possible role playing the two classes as righteous leaders as often as he can. With his passions reignited in the Arts Arlen has now seen his skills grow greatly. Helping with garbing the park members when ever possible and even helped in producing items for this years Spring War. He is now working on items for the next Grand Dukes reign hoping to help with the ambiance of the term and has set out to reach master garber, as of now he sits on his 8th garber.

He primarily enjoys making garb and cordials and goes back and forth with painting and sculpting as well. Akuma is Dark Shores 4th, 5th, 6th and now 7th reign Dragon Master. Winning with his excellently made garbs, new types of weapon tech, and drawings.

The spring of 2010 found Akuma in the busy world of leadership and politics as he entered his first 2 terms as Sheriff. After serving his terms, Akuma is now once again in his familiar role as Champion.

2020 Akuma has found himself moving down to the San Antonio area and joining Traitors Gate

Battle brother to Rear Admiral Lumpy De Starmount

Is the in game brother of Mars the Mad

His polearm developed the famous move Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, seen in Naruto, and was brutally accurate with it when striking an enemy player in the junk.

Has adopted Traitors Gate as his new home and is deep in service to generate knowledge to those new or long time members to learn basic garbing and sewing techniques.

Affiliated Groups

Echelon- new TG fighter company

Belted Family

Sir Grifterr

  • Squire Arlen

- Man at Arms Lord Gabriel Viridian

- page Dante Toadlicker, craftdragon

- 2nd Man at Arms T-Bone

Notable Accomplishments

Baron title given at Spring War '24 Master Garber given at Spring War '24

Dark Shores 4th reign Dragon Master

Dark Shores 5th reign Weapon Master and Dragon Master

Dark Shores 5th and 6th reign Monarch

Dark Shores 6th reign Dragon Master

Dark Shores 7th reign Defender

Dark Shores 7th reign Dragon Master won on October 2, 2011

Celestial Kingdom Reign 63 3rd place Dragon Master placing. Taking 1st and 2nd in the Garber bracket with two separate tunics. It was his first event since returning to Amtgard.

Earned his 8th Garber from Sir Weasel

His painted miniatures can be seen throughout Games Workshops codexes for Warhammer 40,000

Is the chapter master of the Blood Angels successor chapter Heralds of the Nephilim

Is no longer the owner of the "Standard Metric Polearm" as he has traed it for a gallon of mead from a fellow member of TG. "The mead is righteous as all hell."

Earned his Master Garber and Baron titles at Spring War 2024.

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