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WarBar, of Skystone, Desert Winds

bdd0ae08.jpg 71553e83.jpg

Left: Warbar, left, with Jurgen, enjoying a sip of grog

Right: He's kind of a bear when he hasn't eaten...


I lived the life of glory, like any of the Roman Legion, but then death put an end to it... my corpse, not long from the heat of battle was taken, and I was transformed in the Cauldron of rebirth. I given a life of servitude to a dark sorceress, and her many desires. She gave me speech and then she gave me to the barbarians. They taught me how to live again, and I gave them the death of a dragon to prove myself.

I used to be a man, but now I'm something else.... I am WarBar.

Fighting Company

Bearclaw Thunder


Man-At-Arms to Kyra Kadais 8/25/12

Notable Accomplishments

  • Killed a DRAGON on his first day (Saturday Live 2011)

Additional Infotmation