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Noun; A waiver of liability is required to participate in Amtgard in any Kingdom. Due to varying local rules and requirements, different Kingdoms may have different waivers.

First known amtgard Waiver pulled from the 1.0 rulebook


To be safe, a person should bring a pre-filled out waiver when they visit an Amtgard park or Kingdom for the first time. Though an adult can sign the waiver at time of arrival, a minor may (and should) not be allowed to participate if (1) they did not arrive with a parent or legal guardian and (2) did not bring a waiver signed by said parent or legal guardian.

Listing of Waivers

The following is a work-in-progress list of links to the required waivers for the different Kingdoms*:

Miscellaneous Waivers

Found online, in alphabetical order, which may or may not be current*:

*These lists are provided for educational purposes only and not for legal purposes. Existence of a waiver on this list is not a guarantee that it is the current waiver required or that it sufficient to fulfill the requirements of the applicable park or Kingdom. A person should always check with the applicable park/Kingdom PM to confirm what proper waiver is needed.