Valley of the Trident

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Amtgard Chapter
Valley of the Trident
Viridian Outlands.jpeg
The Kingdom of Viridian Outlands
Status Shire
City Kennewick, Washington
Park Fruitland park
Meets on Sunday 12PM
Founded 2014
Active Yes

Valley of the Trident, Shire

A Shire of the Kingdom of Viridian Outlands , located in Kennewick, Washington.




Founded by Xook Gearworker, Keladrie de Mildran, Vall, Orion, Hybrid, and Kimjin.



Sheriff: Vall

Contacts and Directions

Fruitland Park is located on the corner of Fruitland and Deschutes in Kennewick, on Sundays from noon to whenever

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