Trinity Skythasis

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Grand Duke Sir Trinity Skythasis, of the Emerald Hills.

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Trinity has been a member of Amtgard since 1986. He played in The Kingdom of the Burning Lands for many years, and served as Monarch for 3 terms, and Regent for 1 term. He has received many titles and awards for his dedication to the club, including his Flame Belt and Crown Belt.

Grand Duke Sir Trinity now plays in the Emerald Hills. He hasn't claimed one park as his home but plays in all the parks, usually following the Monarchy to enjoy the various terrains and people. Trinity is the Captain of the Sable Pride. He joined the Pride as they were forming, and travelled to the Hills to play and support the company as often as he could. Now the Cat has come home to the Hills, and Trinity is happy to be with his company! Trinity is currently working on improving the Sable Pride Camp Site at Tanglewood Forest. The Pride have extensive plans to improve each company members campsites and the main area of their lair.

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Sir Trinity Skythasis- (Flame 94'), {Crown 97')

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