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About SKBC

SKBC is an event held strictly to address the hand-to-hand fighting aspects of Amtgard. There are no battlegames, quests, roleplaying, court, or gaming classes. Classes are held to instruct on different styles of Amgard combat (Single Sword, Florentine, Sword and Shield, etc.), as taught by a number of Swords Knights (a majority of which are Warlords).

Sir Guy Kasama came up with the concept of SKBC in early 2003. While discussing the idea with friends, the SKBC idea was fleshed out most notably by Sir Guy Kasama and Sir Cedric Pentacles. After talking the idea over with several other Knights, FWACK was created as the governing body behind SKBC, and the event was born.

Unlike many other events, the location for SKBC is not static, but instead changes where it is hosted every year. The organizing committee takes bids and chooses a site based on how good the bids are and how needed the instruction is in an area.

You can learn what you can to to help out with next years SKBC at the forum. Or on the E-Sam Forum.

SKBC 2003 (#1: Denver, CO) ("Got Warlord?")

SKBC 2004 (#2: Dallas, TX) ("Got Warlord?")

SKBC 2005 (#3: Atlanta, GA) ("Bring your own yak")

SKBC 2006 (#4: Seattle, WA) ("Stickfaith")

SKBC 2007 (#5: Cedar Rapids, IA) ("Ditch-field of Dreams")

SKBC 2008 (#6: Austin, TX) ("On the Shoulders of Giants")

SKBC 2009 (#7: Columbus, OH) ("Have Sword, Will Travel")

SKBC 2010 (#8: San Jose, CA) ("Walk Softly...")

SKBC 2011 (#9: Boston, MA) ("Live stick or die")

SKBC 2012 (#10: Albuquerque, NM) ("We'll make you famous")

SKBC 2013 (#11: Saint Louis, MO) ("Stickward, Ho!")

SKBC 2014 (#12: Salt Lake City, UT) ("Do you even Warlord, Bro")

SKBC 2015 (#13: Oak Harbor, WA) ("Discipline, Domination, Ditching: Stick")

SKBC 2016 (#14: Flovilla, GA) ("Warlord and Chill")

SKBC 2017 (#15: King City, CA) ("Sword Knight School of Witchcraft and Whackybats")

SKBC 2018 (#16: Whiteford, MD) ("???")

Content from previous SKBC Classes

Glen's 2017 Classes

Leif and Guys's Counter Class

Arthon’s Sword and Board Class

Tar'get's Advanced Polearm Class

Clalibus' Body Mechanics Class

Glorious's Middle Madu Class

Derek Roth's Lefty-Fu Class

Glorious's Stabs and Feignts Class


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