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This refers to the portions of the weapon that are sufficiently padded to prevent injury when used to strike an opponent at full force.

  • These portions may not break bones, teeth, or regularly leave bruises when it strikes a person and must have at least one 2.5” cross section from edge to edge.
  • Strike-Legal surfaces must have at least 1” of foam over the weapon core, measured from the furthest point on the blade to the surface of the core.
  • Stab-only weapons (other than projectiles) are still required to have 6” of Strike-Legal surface extending from the end of the weapon down its length on any stabbing end for safety.
  • Strike-Legal must be covered in a durable, opaque cloth. Unless otherwise noted, cloth tape is not an acceptable cover.
  • Non-striking padded surfaces within ½” of a striking surface must still be covered with a cloth cover.

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