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Sponge Harkonnen, of Tori-Mar, Celestial Kingdom



Started in 1995 at Tear Glen in the Emerald Hills. Moved to the Iron Mountains in 2000 and back to the Emerald Hills in 2001. Moved back to the Iron Mountains in 2002 and stayed until 2006 at which time he moved to the Celestial Kingdom.

Was elected to the Amtgard International Board of Directors Forming Committee at Clan 2015 and elected to the board the following year for a one year term and was reelected to the board in 2017 for a full two-year term. He surrendered all titles and awards earned in the CK in May 2018 in protest and transferred credits back to EH. Resigned from Amtgard International Board of Directors in August 2018 and decreased his involvement in Amtgard. Sponge moved credits back to CK in June 2019.

Had a park, SPIAPITA Gulch in Denver, Colorado named after him.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Squire Quanah. He is fierce.

Notable Accomplishments

Positions Held