Souls' Crossing

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Souls' Crossing

A Barony of Winter's Edge, located in Memphis, Tennessee.


Souls' Crossing Emblem


This Park was originally founded in 1996 as a province of the Iron Mountains, under the name Far Woods. Many years later it joined the Rising Winds, under the Principality of Tal Dagore. Eventually the Far Woods was dissolved and reformed in 2005 as Souls' Crossing, a freehold. In 2007, it joined the Emerald Hills, where it was part of Dreadmoor, before briefly forming the seat of its own Principality. The Principality quickly disbanded, and the park rejoined EH directly in 2014. With the rise of Winter's Edge, talks began to join with them, and were completed in December 2016. Souls' Crossing currently remains a part Winter's Edge.

Directions and Contacts

Souls' Crossing currently meets every Sunday afternoon starting about 1pm at the East Parkway Pavilion in Overton Park. It is just north of Fire Station 13 at 333 E. Parkway N., Memphis TN 38112. On occasions when someone else has taken over the pavilion there, we meet at one of the stone benches nearby just north of the pavilion.

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Current Monarchy



Web Presence

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  • We also have the Souls' Crossing Chancellor's Desk

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