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A lesser Officer

A Symbol for the scribes guild circa 1997

A position appointed by the Monarch, responsible for keeping a record of things done and said. An especially excellent accomplice to the prime minister, in so much as they help keep track of what awards where given and when.

Excerpt from the corpora

The following is taken directly from the Burning Lands Corpora 5th edition.

  • 1.61 Appointment and dismissal are the Monarch's option.
  • 1.62 Shall work with the Prime Minister on the kingdom newsletter.
  • 1.63 Print any fliers, letters, or other news of the Crown and Prime Minister.
  • 1.63 Work with the Monarch and Prime Minister to maintain a yearly calendar of events.
  • 1.65 Keep the minutes of all in-game Amtgard meetings and Althings.