Revenants of the Shatterfrost

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Revenants of the Shatterfrost


History and leadership

The Fighting company was founded in the Wetlands by Allicross Vigil. The leadership structure is based on a tribal War Council; consisting of Revenants chosen by the Necromancer to become Wraiths.

Members start as a Zombos, sponsored by a Revenant until they attend at least one event with the company and sufficient time has passed to where they can be voted to full Revenant status, allowing them to wear the Revenant Tunic and other revenant symbolism.

If a member ever needs a leave of absence from either the group or from LARP as a whole, they can go into a state/rank between Revenant and Zombo called Ghost. Upon return they receive their active Revenant status again.

The chain of command is as follows:

  • Necromancer
    • Lich
      • Wraith
        • Revenant
        • Ghost
          • Zombo


Member Squad Rank
Lord Allicross Vigil N/A Necromancer
Page Grim Lycanborn Thundervoice Shades of Dusk Lich
Baronet Man-At-Arms Foscatalli Casters of the Shore Wraith
Page Bishop of Edonia N/A Wraith
Page Gaelira Rosairin Band of Thorns Wraith
Man-At-Arms Wilhelm Winterbaum Order of the Moon Wraith
Page Ziveep Winterbaum Shades of Dusk Wraith
Rush V. Morningstar Order of the Moon Revenant
Page Azure Vigil Casters of the Shore Revenant
Grokk Or Shenanigans Shades of Dusk Revenant
Relio Band of Thorns Revenant
Bertrand DeWitt Band of Thorns Revenant
Vinber Vigil Band of Throns Revenant
Set Kakashi Shades of Dusk Revenant
Asker Shades of Dusk Revenant
Donovan Kieran Shades of Dusk Ghost
Elkantar Order of the Moon Ghost
Angel Meghwar Order of the Moon Ghost
Aurem Kova Band of Thorns Ghost
Vladis Lauv Shades of Dusk Ghost
Sevalet the Short Shades of Dusk Ghost
Frankenbeans Winterbaum Shenanigans Order of the Moon Ghost


Zombos are people who are trying to join the Revenants. They are brought into the company and interviewed by each member until, then put through training until their sponsor and the War Council deems them worthy of being a Revenant.


Facts & Trivia