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Lady Ravenna Maelwaedde DeLoki, of Crimson Moon Kingdom of the Wetlands



Ravenna DeLoki started Amtgard in the Summer of 2001 at the urging of her fiancé. After attending just twice she was hooked, signed her waiver, and . The garb, the fighting, the camaraderie, it was just what she’d wanted. But within the first six months of her joining the “drama” kicked off and Crimson Moon was in need of a monarch that had absolutely no ties to either side of the issues at the time. Ravenna was nominated for Duchess and won against her only opponent. Of course she had absolutely no idea what she was doing and fumbled through as best as she could.

At her first Kingdom event Ravenna stood up in Noble’s Court and advised King Crom that her Duchy was not in fact a Duchy and barely had Shire numbers due to various mundane legal issues, the park splitting into two separate parks, and a move of location. Accordingly Crimson Moon was dropped to Shire status which made certain founding members of the park upset. Ravenna did not care what anyone thought though. No numbers meant the park was barely surviving. And despite all efforts to promote the park, because of ongoing issues, that is what it did for the next two to three years. All park offices, except for Prime Minister, were continuously held by herself at some point with the other offices usually filled by four other park members.

During those years Crimson Moon dealt with more drama than you could shake a sword at and Ravenna with the help of the other officers did their best to keep it to a dull roar. It was during this time that the “dreaded” Crimson Moon SOG’s came into play to reign in some of the more rampant issues. Unfortunately being in office for so long with little guidance took its toll on Ravenna mentally and physically. She went home after park and tried in vain to come up with ways to grow the populace; some nights she even wept in frustration. When Don Sebastian du Lac returned to the game in 2005, Ravenna saw that he was a strong leader with what it was going to take to get Crimson Moon back where it should be. At the time she couldn’t stand him personally, but he was the best hope that the park had and she wearily yet gratefully relinquished her office and left the game indefinitely. She spent

While she was gone the park thrived under Bas’s guidance. In the fall of 2011, again at the urging of her now husband, she reluctantly returned to the game. Gremio insisted that Bas had changed and so had the atmosphere at the park. Not wanting to believe it but still missing the fun she’d once had briefly, she returned hoping to capture that initial feeling of excitement again. At first she felt like a bit of a newbie and outsider again. All these new strong personalities worked so well together, formed a cohesive group, and the number of them astounded her. She realized then that she had only been a caretaker during the hard years to keep the park alive and that she hadn’t been a failure; just that she’d lacked proper guidance and support.

After a few weeks coming out again, she decided that this was what she’d missed. She has been coming out as often as she can since then and has maintained Active status. She regularly participates in A&S and has judged several local competitions. Ravenna has taken a break from office after holding Regent of Crimson Moon for two reigns and (gasp!) Prime Minister for one. She is also Squire to Baron Sir Honey Badger of Crimson Moon and the Wetlands.

Character Biography

Ravenna Maelwaedde was born to a Welsh shepherd and an Italian medical student from Salerno. She was the second daughter born to the couple, the eldest being Rhiannon. Rhiannon showed gifts that allowed her to be schooled by the druids whereas Ravenna, being less gifted but just as inquisitive, chose to be taught by her mother in the healing arts. Just before her 19th birthday, Ravenna happened to meet a young disinherited Frenchman named Gremio DeLoki. The two fell quickly in love but being intellectually minded Ravenna chose to delay their engagement and marriage until her medical studies were nearly complete. She did however agree to living with him in his adopted home town of Crimson Moon before the marriage and the two decided to start domesticating goblins. Shortly after it was decided that there was nothing else for her to learn from her mother, she agreed to finally hold the wedding.

The two continued with their goblin domestication efforts cultivating two in particular, a female goblin of limited intelligence and attention span named Nadi, and a male goblin who it turned out was quite quick of mind and ability named Barke. Ravenna’s sister Rhiannon moved in with the couple as well as Gremio’s sister Rayne. The small family was quite happy with their growing army of goblins and they adopted several other members into their household. Ravenna continued her efforts as a healer and doctor and studied on the mystical healing arts as well. Gremio continued his religious studies from local monks and practiced wizardry and swordcraft to fill in the rest of his time.

After several years growing their goblin workforce, the DeLoki’s began to hire out the creatures services adding to their income and increasing their social status within Crimson Moon. For three dark years when the populace was troubled with infighting and political troubles, Ravenna took up the mantle of leadership along with other members of her family to ensure that the town survived. During this time it was learned that Gremio and Rayne’s father had died. Also during this time because of the political troubles, Gremio became temporarily insane from poisoning. He was pulled into Hell and it took Ravenna to bring him home. However he did not come back quite the same or sane.

The family’s political efforts were enough to keep the shire alive until others who had fled the torn city had returned hoping to assist. Ravenna had recently decided that it was time to start a family when Don Sebastian arrived in town, and knew that it was time to retire from public life for a while. She made the choice to retreat and kept to her estates on the edge of the city. Six years passed. During that time many of the adopted clan drifted away. Rhiannon left to go study more intensively with the Druids and Rayne took off on her own to discover herself and the world. Things were not at all improved by Ravenna’s descent into madness after the birth of her son. Violent and despondent by turns she pushed everyone away. Gremio turned to learning about his Demonic tendencies and Ravenna took to learning demon-craft and necromancy. After Ravenna’s return to sanity, Gremio tired of sitting on the edge of life and sneaking about for his entertainment. His goblin dug tunnels and laboratories and mischief making jaunts to Hell were no longer enough to keep boredom at bay. He chose to again become involved with the events in Crimson Moon and after doing so encouraged Ravenna to rejoin civilization as well. She reluctantly chose to come back to town, and when she arrived she realized that Gremio, as usual, had been right to ecourage her. Crimson Moon was revitalized. The Sword and Sphere Tavern was again bustling with activity. The port again had ships coming to and fro delivering goods and visitors. And the townsfolk seemed to have forgiven many slights and injuries and again greeted each other with smiles and waves instead of bared teeth and insults.

The next two years were peaceful. Gremio and Ravenna attempted to stay at the edge of politics but when Crimson Moon found itself in need of a champion, he chose to accept the burden. Again Ravenna found herself reluctantly involved in politics because of this. She made it through though and put a good face on her discontent of politics. She also surrounded herself with friends both old and new, even while hiding her newfound dark knowledge from them.

In 2015 she was awarded the title of Lady by the Pirate Queen Limbo and is currently Squired to Sir Honey Badger of the Wetlands

Affiliated Groups

Mistress of House DeLoki

Notable Accomplishments

Between 2001-2005, without a break, she held various offices in Crimson Moon including: Duchess, Baroness, Sherriff, Regent, and Champion. But not Prime Minister - NEVER Prime Minister! (And if she did she has permanently blocked it from her memory).

Served as Regent for Crimson Moon June 2015 - May 2016

Served as PM for Crimson Moon June 2016 - Dec 2016 (Yeah that happened...)

Awarded the title of Lady by Queen Limbo 06-13-2015