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Dame Rabbitt Wallcrusher, of The Iron Mountains

”Just a little bunny, isn't it?”


At Rakis 2005


Joined Amtgard in September 1996 due to the teasing of William Blackhand-Darkjester to her significant other Kayden MacGregor. After two weeks of beating up boys with foam she was hooked. Orginally known as 'Rabbitt Beecharmer' " ....until I went to my first away event in El Paso. During my stay I backed my SUV into a wall outside of Savaen's house and knocked it down. I was forever deemed Rabbitt Wallcrusher from that point on" -Rabbitt herself on her name origins

Affiliated Groups

Member of the Bloodsluts and the Wolves of Cernunnos

Belted Family

Originally squired to Sir Brennen MacGregor, and then in 1999 she dropped his belt. In 2000 she was then squired to Dame Palan Torrid. In 2006 she accepted the belt of Knight of the Flame, and currently has 2 squires;Aralorn MacGregor, and Skalalayla

Notable Accomplishments

-Created a Knight of the Flame June 2006 at Rakis by Sir Brennen MacGregor under the authority of Emperor Artimus Dane.

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