Phica the Fox

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Lord Phica "Heisenblade" the Fox, of Dragon's Spyre Desert Winds

”You're not a flurb. You're not a Stick Jock. You're the new breed of BattleGame Jocks.” -Sean Darkskull

"What's a G-stab?" - Noob "It's when you stab someone in the G like a G." - Phica



Phica joined Amtgard in the fall of 2013, within 2 weeks he has all of his own garb and weapons, as well as everything needed to play druid. Dubbed to be Dragonspyre's "Prodigal Noob": a name he liked very much. In the summer of 2015, Phica's health declined and he took a brief hiatus from the game, moving away from Dragonspyre. In early 2016, Phica's health returned and he relocated to Las Vegas's park of Terra De Votum.

Star Questing Dragons

Phica "Heisenblade" the Fox asked to be a part of the SQDs in early Jan 2014. On January 9th, after much heated debate (possibly exaggerated) he was accepted as a pledge into the Company. In May of 2015, Salt War 13 Phica was accepted as a full SQD. He is currently serving as Flamestoker for the SQDs until May 2016.

Belted Family

Phica is Man At Arms to Sir Loptr who was Squired to Sir Kezgar. Kezgar was Squired to Sir Lief, Who was Squired to Sir Auromax, Who was Squired to Sir Thorn Crossbearer.

Notable Accomplishments

On October 5th, 2014, Phica created a FaceBook group named the Arcane Collegiate with the help and aid of Mara of Northreach. He created the group to unite ALL caster classes and create an honor system for casters specifically. With the Collegiate, he also coined the term "Spell-theory" in a discussion with Mara. Ask him about "Spell-theory" if you ever see him.

Phica served as Dragonspyre's Prime Minister and Champion during his time there. In Terra De Votum, Phica has yet to serve any offices and is bringing shame upon his belt-line.

At Salt Wars XIII, Phica served as RP-o-crat and ran the RP tavern with a sea/sky pirate theme.

For Salt Wars XIV, Phica was requested to serve as RP-o-crat again. He accepted.

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