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House Phallus

We give people "The Shaft"


The house of Phallus is an organization of like-minded and like-humored people. Not for the faint of heart, we pride ourselves on our ability to add a little bit of phallic humor to any occasion. Membership is encouraged to those who can uphold the delicate arts of talking smack, shafting others, and enjoying the very unique fun of our traditions.


The house was origionally founded through a joint effort of four members. Three of those members sadly have left the ranks of Amtgard to seek pleasures in the far off realm of Mundania. Currently the house is undergoing a complete restructure and rebuild. In all hopefulness we can bring our special "love" of our game to all reaches of the Amtgard world.


Membership in the House of Phallus is relatively easy to obtain. If ou currentl know a member of the house speak to that member to pledge undernesth them. If not, email Rico Boner for any pertinent information you may need.

Member List:


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