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Lord Squire Orion, of the Lands that Burn

”The Goons have 3 rules: We're either fighting or we're laughing or we're laughing while fighting. (Or making fun of Orion, which can lead to laughing and/or fighting.)” --Goon Company



Originally started playing Amtgard in the Burning Lands, then moved to the Iron Mountains (duchy). Is once again residing in the Burning Lands.

Affiliated Groups

Dragoon Company
Ninja Turtles
Wu Tang (petitioner)

Belted Family

Squire to Guy.

Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images

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More Information

  • Personal Website
  • Company Website

  • Orkicon2.gif Duplicate and currently updated ORK
  • Orkicon2.gif Original ORK
  • ORK2