Natural Armor

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Discription from the Dor Un Avathar X

Natural Armor functions identically to magic armor as described in the Rules of Play, except as follows: Natural Armor may not itself be the target of magic or abilities with the exception of Heal or other similar abilities that heal wounds (such as Steal Life Essence or Adrenaline), which will repair a single point of natural armor in a single location or Greater Heal, which will repair all points of Natural Armor in a single location. Natural Armor is never bypassed by Phase Arrow, Phase Bolt, or other similar abilities. A player’s immunities extend to their Natural Armor, meaning Natural Armor is unaffected by those effects a player is immune to.

For example a player immune to Subdual and with one point of Ancestral Natural Armor is hit with an Iceball. The armor does not lose a point, and the player is unaffected.

A player with Natural Armor cannot gain magical armor in any manner.

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