Infernape Blastburn

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Infernape Blastburn, of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains

"Infernape used Blastburn! It was super-effective!"



Infernape is one of the generation of "born" Amtgarders as the son of Maldread. He also has an older sister, Iyra. Even though his sister tried to convince him to continue the family legacy of the Bloodfangs surname, he is very much his own person and chose to take his own last name. Infernape mostly enjoys battlegaming and hanging out; he isn't much for camping, unlike his sister, so he doesn't really go to events.

More Information

Infernape chose his name because of his favorite Pokémon. He clearly loves Pokémon, but also The Legend of Zelda and anime in general. When he's not at Amtgard, Infernape loves to play video games and listen to scores from his favorite titles.