Hodr Rimefrost

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Baron Squire Hodr Rimefrost, of Sun's Haven, Dragonspine

”Hodr, Hodr, Hodr, Hodr”


Hodr has traveled all over the lands of Westmarch and Dragonspine. Verily at this moment he is probably writing some chronicle of his exploits in the far off Mountains of Elsrum, or in shining peaks of Glass Fjord Highlands. This friendly Dwarf has seen fit to Call the Haven of the Sun his home, and has proved a great asset and jovious addition to their troupe. When he is not inciting raucous laughter from competitors in battlegames, he spends his days in service to the club and his houses.

Notable Accomplishments

Winner, Flurb of the Year for 2016


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Affiliated Groups

House Ansgar
Wardens of the Pillar

===Belted Family===
Squire to Sir Randall Andalsa

More Information

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