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Lord Page Paragon Fayt Horizon of Aureus Saltus, of Westmarch

"You can call me Ranger..."


Started Amtgard in 2013 as the Monarch and founder of Aureus Saltus with Arriana Hale as the Co-Founder and Prime Minister. Received the noble titles of Lord and Paragon Scout in 2015. Fayt is well known for his skill as a Scout, and is also seen more recently playing the Ranger-Druid build. He favors the use of a bow and florentine on the field, however he has a special place in his heart for single longsword. Fayt thrives off of his love of flurb, so never be afraid to act in character around him.

Back Story

Belted Line

Fayt was paged to Lord Kalevra Fallstar in 2015, who is squired to Sir Euric Bloodstone. He is currently a Man-at-Arms to Ka'a F. Acklie

Fayt’s belted include Man at Arms Cayden Donnely, and Man at Arms Garren Dawnmoore

Offices Held

Affiliated Groups

  • Rangers of Gawad Taur (Household) - Founder (2013)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Founder of the Rangers of Gawad Taur Household (2013)
  • Paged by Kalevra Fallstar (2014)
  • Title of Lord (2015)
  • Title of Paragon Scout (2015) - Prefers to go by "Ranger"

More Information

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