Arriana Hale

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Lady Arriana Hale of Aureus Saltus, of Westmarch

"Your Friendly Neighborhood Amtgarder"



Rampant winged wolf with red fur, black feathers and white shield.


Started Amtgard in 2013 with Fayt Horizon as Co-Founder and Prime Minister of Aureus Saltus. Received the noble title of Lady in May 2016 at Darkshore XIX. Arriana originally played Archer and Warrior in Amtgard rule set v7, however, she transitioned to a Healer when the v8 rule set was adopted. She primarily fights using a sword and shield. She is known for her love of flurb, so don't be afraid to act in character around her.

Back Story For The Flurbs


Offices Held

Affiliated Groups

  • Rangers of Gawad Taur (Household) - Member (2013)


  • House of the Woven Blades - Co-Founder (2014)
  • House Fallstar - Member (2014)
  • House of the Troubadours - Founder (2015)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Co-Founder of Aureus Saltus Amtgard Park in Martinez, CA (2013)
  • Bestowed the title of Lady at Darkshore XIX (2016)


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