Fael Succeed Dracul

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Sir Lady Fael Succeed Dracul Celestial Kingdom


I have been playing since wow make me think...1995. I started in Mordengaard when Mordengaard was still CK. I've become a member to several households that have become inactive over the years but still mean alot to me. I have always enjoyed staying in the background help where I can. Recently I actually started stepping up my action and took over as Regent and PM of Mordengaard. I transfered my credits over to the CK because to tell you the truth that is where my support is. My loving beltline and my company plays in the CK so it feels like home to me. I've also played at Shadowkeep and Tori Mar way back in the day. Lady Fael has been known to be seen in the company of certain primates, whom she mistreats. She forces them to work the same long hours that she does when working gate at Spring War.

Group Affliations


Belt line

Former Lady at Arms to Raven Dracul who is Squired to Esuom and Lynae.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Regent of Mordengaard
  • PM of Mordengaard
  • Lady
  • Knight of the Flame

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